A Practioner’s Guide to Organisational Development

A Practitioner’s Guide to Organisational Development provides an extensive overview of the organisational development field. The purpose of this title is to introduce the student to the basics of organisational development – from group facilitation, to understanding the role of consultants and practitioners in the development of an organisation. These introductory concepts will help the student to understand the concept of organisational change, including the reasons for change, models of change, and eventually, how to deal with resistance to change. The second half of this title shifts toward a more detailed discussion around organisational development. This section will guide students through the process of development, explaining how an organisation can be ‘diagnosed’, and how it can undergo intervention in order to solve the problems encountered through this diagnosis. Finally, it concludes with a detailed discussion on 21st-century workspaces. As such, this title is ideal for students who are interested in learning more about the modern workplace.

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