Academic Literacy in the Legal Context

Academic Literacy in the Legal Context is your indispensable guide to developing the academic and legal literacy skills required in order to excel in both your studies and in future professional practice. Structured in two parts, this book takes you on a progressive journey. The journey begins with the essentials in academic literacy, and then transitions seamlessly into the complex realm of legal literacy. Each part offers a structured approach. The ‘Theory in focus’ chapters start with an overview of fundamental literacy theory, models and approaches. These chapters are complemented by ‘Skills in focus’ chapters, which resemble a workbook-like structure for hands-on practise and an opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge. Both parts one and two conclude with ‘Integrated practice’ chapters, providing you with a realistic assignment exercise and enabling you to integrate a diverse set of literacy skills and knowledge. The unique approach of this title frames literacy content within a broader legal narrative. In Academic Literacy in the Legal Context, you will learn academic literacy within the context of the South African legal system, thereby setting you on the course to success. In the second part, you will explore legal literacies, touching on public, commercial and private law.

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