Marketing Decoded: A South African Perspective

Marketing Decoded: A South African Perspective is a comprehensive guide to the field of marketing. In particular, it focuses on marketing within the South African context. Beginning with basic marketing concepts, then proceeding to discuss the marketing environment in greater detail. As such, readers will learn the value of marketing research, as well as how certain markets can be segmented – and ultimately, targeted. Touching on consumer behaviour, the title also considers the essence of a product, as well as the fundamental concepts relating to services marketing. Building on this knowledge, readers will explore the area of relationship marketing, and gain insight into product and service differentiation. In addition, readers will be exposed to the process of packaging and distributing products and services, as well as to the concepts of retailing, wholesaling and direct marketing. Finally, the title will outline the basics of integrated marketing communication (IMC), pricing strategies, and how to plan, implement and control strategies within the marketing environment.

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