Paralegal Practice in South Africa

Paralegal Practice in South Africa is the ideal stepping stone for aspiring paralegal professionals. Divided into four parts, this title creates a practical narrative for those who want to learn about
fundamental paralegal concepts, while simultaneously discovering what a paralegal’s typical workday may entail. Specifically, you will be introduced to South Africa’s legal environment, as well as explore the various duties that you may be tasked with as a paralegal, which includes handling legal documents, communicating, managing accounts and performing tasks on a computer. Areas of legal specialisation that paralegals engage with most commonly are also outlined, thereby providing you with a glimpse into the kinds of issues you may come across in the profession. The title concludes with an exploration of what it means to maintain ethical conduct in the paralegal profession and what working with clients and courts may entail, as well as an outline of the role of a community advice office (CAO).

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