Strategic Management: An Introduction

There is no single approach to business that can guarantee success, but consistent profit, growth and industry leadership are not achieved by luck alone. Almost every organisation can attribute its success to an underlying strategy – in other words, the carefully planned and executed actions that the organisation has taken to respond to the market. Strategic Management: An Introduction aims to provide you with the necessary tools to follow in the footsteps of commercial giants, and to lead your organisation through the obstacle course of commerce. This book presents step-by-step instructions to develop a winning strategy, where you will learn how to set effective goals for short-, medium- and long-term achievements. Here, you will experiment with different scopes to analyse local, national and international factors that could influence your organisation. Most of all, you will learn how to respond to change and adversity, without losing your strategic direction. Strategic Management: An Introduction gives you the opportunity to learn from the playbook of some of the most influential organisations in the world, and it demonstrates how to set the foundation for a successful future.

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